Fine handcrafted Italian masks (papier mache, feather, leather and other mediums) for Masquerade Ball, Venetian Carnival, Commedia dell Arte, Mardi Gras Party.
Masquerade Masks Parties

if you are starting notice masquerade masks appearing more and more around the place, that is because they are. your eyes are not deceiving you. their popularity is on the increase and they are starting to show up in movies, video clips and novels as main plots. there is something to be said for the... Plus...

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Make Sure You Choose an Authentic Masquerade Mask and Beware of Knockoffs

masquerade balls have always been popular events, and in recent years it seems that the popularity of these parties has increased dramatically. this is a great thing, because mask balls are very fun to have, but with increased demand comes imitators and mass production of lower quality merchandise, ... Plus...

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