Fine handcrafted Italian masks (papier mache, feather, leather and other mediums) for Masquerade Ball, Venetian Carnival, Commedia dell Arte, Mardi Gras Party.
Choosing a Great Masquerade Prom Mask

masquerade proms are really gaining a ton of popularity in recent years, and each year more and more schools all over the country are choosing a masquerade prom theme for their junior and senior proms. in these proms, the guests are required to bring in and wear a masquerade mask for at least part o... Plus...

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Masquerade Ball Masks Are Perfect For Proms

many millions of american teenagers attend prom celebrations at their high schools each year. these prom attendees are always looking for a great theme for their proms, and they are also always on the lookout for ways to stand out at their prom and make sure that they look great and get noticed as w... Plus...

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